Devotional-Soaring Over

The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away..” – Psalm 90:10

Soaring Over

There is something about the scene that draws one in until one walks away. And then, it draws the same soul back into its questions.

Where is such a place? Where is such a formation of geographical contrast?

In the distance is a valley with evident trees. But then, it is not a valley, but a lower level of mountains, greener, more inviting than the craggy rocks at hand, overlooking a valley, a body of water, and an entirely different terrain.

On foot, it might take days to traverse from one place to the next. With each ascent or descent, there are different climates, temperatures, and challenges. The geographic formations call forth wonder and tell their own stories to those who can converse in their languages.

One formation might be a bridge or it might be a hole or it might be something else. What it is eludes the uninformed. Where does this scene lead? What are the distances? What are the dangers?

Then, as if unnoticed at the first viewing, something appears in the sky, rising above the elevations of earth, moving through the climates, and defying the distance it takes to travel to the heights.

It soars.

Someday, we shall also soar and render time and distance irrelevant along with every other temporal limitation.

While we live in the deserts, plains, valleys, hills, and river banks or even in the craggy hills, wondering how to pass upward, downward or through strange passages, we simply have to deal with our strength or lack thereof and cope with hard work and deep sorrow. But some day, this struggle will be over.

What seems like a cutting off will be a cutting free and we shall soar.

We shall fly away.

These words were written as church bulletin devotional for churches who offer Master Sunday Bulletins to their congregations.  May it serve as a source of encouragement to you today.
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