Devotional-Towering Trees

“Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.” – 1 Peter 2:17

Towering Trees

Some people are like mighty trees. They tower above us and move into leadership as naturally as a hearty evergreen takes root in hospitable soil and rises above the horizons of our thinking. They are pacesetters who are willing to be visible, vulnerable, and vocal. In so doing they invite either admiration or condemnation, but seldom, indifference. These are our leaders, our presidents.

In the month of the birth of two great, towering trees, Washington and Lincoln, we have decided as a nation to honor all of our presidents. Years have passed and legends have arisen. We forget that their lives were never free from criticism. They were centers of controversy. They were easy targets.

The nation was new when Washington sought to bring mutuality to differing visions of our new country. The nation needed to be rebuilt when Lincoln led. He was assassinated for his success.

Leaders come and go. They set themselves apart. It takes ego perhaps, but it also takes courage and a willingness to serve. We do not always agree with them, but the scripture calls upon us to honor them.

They are not super-human. They are not perfect. They are not always right. Nor are they immune to criticism and scrutiny. We are a government of the people. It is our job to call on our leaders to listen and be subject to us even as we are subject to them. But we have a call to honor and respect them.

The Oval Office has the power to moderate and shape every man that has occupied it. From day one, the awesome responsibility of leadership weighs upon his soul. Men have grown old, as Washington said, in the service of their country. How can we respond?

As I write this, there is a presidential election ahead of us and no one knows who will win. For this purpose, it does not matter. Whoever occupies the White House is a person I will commit to respect, appreciate, hold accountable, and most of all, surround with my prayers for wisdom, for righteousness, for health, for God’s peace, and for His protection.

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